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Discover The Beauty Of Black Pearls

Discover The Beauty Of Black Pearls
by: Rock Ren

Captain Jack's must have aroused a lot of people to take a second look at the beauty of black pearls since it was so frequently mentioned in the Pirates of Caribbean the movie. Today, a lot of fashionistas are adding up this elegance piece of accessory in their own jewelry boxes. Black pearls have the same elegance as white pearls but they have that certain exquisite and exotic touch that make them simply irresistible.

Just like the usual white pearls they can be an elegant addition to your get-up as earrings, necklaces, bracelets or rings. They are very versatile pieces that can also be in combination with other pearls, gemstones or precious stones and can instantly turn into your favorite accessory.

For you to appreciate black pearls all the more, let us look into how they magically form from the sea into these beauty pieces of jewelries. One of the first commercialization efforts of black pearls are said to originate in Polynesia back in 1963 and the industry hit big in the market in the latter years of the 80's.

Black pearls are produced by gigantic blackclipped oysters, which are scientifically named as pinctada margaritafera. This type of oysters can only be found if one would dive at least 40 meters under sea and as deep as 130 feet. The creation of a single black pearl amounts to three years of waiting. A spherical black pearl is made only if the mussel graft of Mississippi River is present in the coat. This would create a hemispherical pearl if the graft were set in between the shell and the coat. These kinds of black pearls are much cheaper than the perfectly round ones but they can still be made into very nice pieces of accessories. The thin coatings of pearls reduce its value and these are only visible with the use of x-rays.

Black pearls differ in size, quality and value. With black pearls, luster is an important factor and can increase the value of a pearl. Black pearls can grow as large as 8mm to 20 mm. Of course, the larger the pearl, the more expensive it is. The cheapest black pearl may be well around $100 and can go as high as $50,000 for a full necklace.

If you want high quality black pearl accessories, double-check its authenticity. Jewelers can provide certificate of authenticity to back up their claim. If you are looking at shelling out a serious amount of money to purchase black pearls, make sure to request for an x-ray right there and then as your order your jewelry. Make sure that there are no signs of thin coatings that may appear invisible to the naked eye.

Cleaning black pearls should be a breeze. Always remember to place them in their proper storage after every use. You can store them in soft pouches or a jewelry box intended for pearls. Remove dirt with a soft cloth. Always keep them away from harmful chemicals or hard objects that may cause scratches. From time to time, clean your black pearls with water and a mild soap and allow them to dry on a moistened towel.

Black pearls would definitely jazz up your get-up. If you’re in love with white pearls, you would absolutely love the exotic flair of black pearls. Buy one today and be unique with an exquisite black pearl accessory!

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How To Create Charisma With Colors And Style

How To Create Charisma With Colors And Style
by: Sue Brubaker

Ever seen all those celebrities on television and how they just exude so much radiance and magnetism, that you cannot help but stay glued watching them? What is it about them that keep them attractive and desirable?

The answer is one word: charisma. The process on how to achieve and possess such similar charismatic flair involves another word: colors.

The following are basic tips and advice to help you have your own charisma with the use of colors and style techniques.

First things first, know yourself

It helps to get the varied opinions of people who know you best. Ask around and interview family members, friends, relatives, or colleagues, and try to make them give an opinion – an honest one of course – of what it is they think are the colors that best suit you. Alternatively, you could always ask and engage the services of a consultant that specializes on image enhancement.

Such a professional could readily determine the kind of colors that work best for your particular eye color and tone of your skin, as well as your hair.

Choose the colors that work best for you

A very effective way to test which colors are best for your skin is to face a mirror, preferably with natural available daylight, while holding a fabric or a piece of clothing under your chin or beside your eyes. Now, observe which stands out. Does the color stand out or do your features stand out?

Appropriate colors should focus more on you, and not on the dress or garment. If you have eyes as blue as the ocean, then wearing a dress that is similarly blue in color will help make your very own eyes attractive and stand out.

Wrong colors are those that make your appearance dull. It may even look repulsive, or it could cast a shadow on you. Wrong colors also give people the impression that you are sick or tired, even if you feel perfectly fine.

Apply prints and shapes

Prints in any garments you plan to wear should just as well be proportionate to your physical features, as based on the naturalness of your body’s geometry. If your features are between medium to small, it is just as perfect that any patterns or jewelry you are to wear are sized in a similar manner.

Also, your face’s shape and features should also determine the shapes and kinds of accessories you are to wear. Oval faces may just as well wear oval earrings as well. However, a combination of features is present sometimes. Eyes that are oval sometimes belong to a face with a chin that is square. Look in the mirror and analyze what goes best with what.

Layer your clothes

Sometimes, this is the best recourse for anyone, so as not to appear overly dressed or under dressed for the occasion. Wearing layers makes it convenient for anyone to take off that scarf, jacket, or tie, so as not to appear too formal.

Overall, practice makes perfect. Eventually, getting used to the colors you have on you will make you more confident and attractive, as you get to determine which makes you feel more magnetic and charismatic. The important thing is being comfortable with your own skin, your own color, and your own style. Work on those features, enhancing them without the need to change them. You are unique; embrace your uniqueness. That charisma cannot be bought or sold.

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