Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Prom: graduating from girl to women

In the United States and Canada a prom, short for promenade, is a semi-formal (black tie) dance held at the end of an academic year (Wikipedia) and for a girl, perhaps it is also an event where they graduate from teenage to women hood. It should be an event to be remembered. So if you are going for prom night, this is the great opportunity for a girl to dress to kill. Girls will be dressed in beautiful formal Prom Dresses.

How about this ravishing red prom dress?

beautiful red prom dress

Here are more photos of beautiful prom dresses:

purple prom dress

white prom dress

yellow prom dress

Perhaps to drive home the message that a girl is now graduating to a woman, you may even want to opt for an even more formal wear, a full-skirted ball gown

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