Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Free Online Dating Site

Still single and lonely? Looking for someone to date? Try a Free Online Dating Site where you can find a match online. It is a 60 second process. If you are not already registered, you first have to sign up. To do that, you have to give your email address, your date of birth, whether you are a woman looking for a man or vice versa, country (US or Canada), Zip code. You then have to tell a little about yourself. Your height, hair color, body type, ethnicity, your marital status, whether you smoke and drink or not, whether you have children, whether you want children, your religion, what you are primarily interested in, your profession, your interests, select a username, a Headline (eg. Looking for Prince Charming), upload a photo (optional), select a password, do a word verification, agree to their terms of service, and the final step - click COMPLETE MY PROFILE.

An email will be sent to you for verification, and after you click on he verification link, you are done. A 60 second process and completely free. I did that and it was done in a jiffy.

At the Free Online Dating Site, you can actively search rather than passively waiting for a response. Click SEARCH, then FIND MATCHES and you will be shown a gallery of profiles that matches your requirements. If the gallery does not match your expectation, just click CHANGE PREFERENCES and there you can put in greater details of your requirements. Nothing can be easier than that.

That is not all at Free Online Dating Site. you can also join the Community which is a forum where you can participate actively and make friend.

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Sharan Aulakh said...

By joining free online dating site, seniors can explore the world to find someone who fills his/her desires and looks for the same.
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